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Client: Arena Lux





Aggressive design is a good tool
in highly competitive markets.

Arena is a manufacture of concert equipment from China. They work
at a very narrow, but at the same time full of competition, the world
market. When they decided to start developing their own unique
product, they recognized that it must be something completely new.

Everything started with an analysis of the market. We were inspired
by various manifestations of dynamism, aggressiveness, and
technology in the form of a variety of products, concepts, and art
from a wide range of creative industries and production.

More than 15 iterations of design were done until it got its final look.
Each line, each edge, and verge in it is unique and complementary.
Deeping to more, closely consider the shape and design itself, we see
broken lines that give some courageous character traits to the
design. Longitudinal lines on the panels resemble the digitalized
electrical circuits. And all this in the aggregate is connected in one
complex system.

Project scope

Industrial design
Art direction

"From the beginning, it was a challenge, as it was required to make “Lamborghini” in the world of concert equipment. The philosophy of aggressive, dynamic, and technological design was taken as a basis."

Alex Kravets,
Founder of Arena Lux

"Сompany did not stop at this and took up the development of its other products, as they realized that design is a very important tool in the competition on the market."

"The device itself consists of many separate parts. We understood that, with the help of design tools, we have to connect all the components in a complete composition."

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