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Client: Stealtho



File Organizer


Stylish and technological assistant in
the organization of your workspace.

This is the third project with the Ukrainian office supplies brand
STEALTHO. Our studio was set not an easy, but the right task - to
create an innovative organizer for files, which is transformed.

We carefully analyzed the segment of organizers, selected references. Next, define the basic concept and functionality.
Then the real brainstorming started, a lot of ideas, sketches and prototypes and finally we came to the desired result.
Due to extensive research, the most optimal product for the market has been developed.

A lot of work has been done and we knew that this product would be highly appreciated, which is exactly what happened at RED DOT AWARD 2021. Our team is confident that this product will satisfy all users and it will give them the pleasure of organizing a workspace.
Live with design!

Project scope

Industrial design
Color, material and finish
Art Direction

"We have been working with Oito design for more than a year, we like their approach to work. I was sure that Ivan and his team would develop a cool design, but what they created exceeded my expectations."

Vitaly Savriga,
Founder of the STEALTHO brand

"When Vitaly asked us to develop an organizer for files, I thought it was a difficult but interesting task. We sketched, made models, prototypes, sketched again and at some point - this design appeared! I immediately realized it would conquer the market and all awards."

Ivan Voitovych,
Founder of Oito design

"When Ivan gave me the task to make the final prototype, I couldn't even think that the file organizer could look so stylish, and its manufacturability is just amazing."

Oleksandr Dubinkin,
Prototyping of oito design
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